#Flashback Friday – Memories of my father

Dear Parents,

The way you engage with your little children awakens something in them. This recent post by Dimples and Grins touches on what sparked the authors love of words and stories. Full Disclosure: Dimples and Grins in my sister.

Dimples and Grins

I didn’t get this post finished in time for Father’s Day last week, but I don’t usually recognize the holiday anyway. My father passed away from cancer when I was five. I tried to think of one specific story to tell about him, but I just came up with a few snatches of memory. Writing these memories down made realize how much he influenced me in those few, short years with him, how much I have in common with him and of course, how much I miss him.

  1. He told me story about an ant crossing a puddle on a leaf. He said it was a true tale. Both of my parents told me stories when I was little, which helped me to develop a love for words and storytelling that I still have.
  2. He thought The Golden Girls was funny. Part of the reason I love this show is…

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